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The Dutch pianist Gaston Nicolaes began his piano studies at the age of 8, but his interest in the organ had come to light long before
this. His parents were regularly forced to call Gaston to order in church, for continually sitting backwards on the church benches, watching the organist play in utter fascination, visibly enjoying the music.

So it happened that Gaston played both instruments for years, and was offered the role of permanent organist in his hometown Maastricht at the age of 14.

After finishing high school and commencing studies at the Conservatorium of Maastricht, he decided in favour of the versatile and expressive possibilities of the piano. However, he did not turn his back on the organ, as he still plays this instrument regularly.

At  the Conservatory Gaston studied his main subject with Joop Grubben and chamber music with Tan Crone. He succesfully finished this study, which resulted in the acquisition of certificates for Teaching Musician, Executing Musician and the certificate of Chamber Music.

Hereafter Gaston has been coached regularly by Jean Antoniëtti and Jean Franssen.
Subsequently a scholarship offered him the opportunity to gain more experience in concert practice and to expand and extend his repertoire in cooperation with teachers of his own choice.
He decided to study with Jörg Demus, Peter Feuchtwanger, Claude Helffer, Lili Oswald de Freitas, Edith Picht-Axenfeld and Georgy  Sebök.